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The amount of attention should be paid to several problems
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Both concerts and clubs, dance halls, KTV and other entertainment venues, the pursuit of stage lighting effect is higher and higher, now the development of advanced science and technology of stage lighting technology also played their part. The amount of available opened up a new era of lighting industry. But due to the large amount of now are all imported equipment, maintenance and purchase more difficult. So we should fully grasp some knowledge about the amount. Below we will introduce all amount of technical features and use of the amount of attention should be paid to several problems in the process.

A, technical characteristics

Amount of models and brands are very various, domestic, import, scanning, shook his head, but in the aggregate, some basic characteristics.

(1), the function of the amount of features
As a typical representative of modern lamps and lanterns, the amount of functionality is very complete: generally includes light color changes, the three primary colors combination, combinations of light and shade change, design change, design effect of rotation changes, prism effect, soft light, lens aperture contraction changes changes, camera lens, lens, zoom, stroboscopic light beam changes, etc. In recent years, some amount of manufacturers have begun to consider the amount of connected with video equipment, make amount of can reflects the pattern of infinite change, produce more rich artistic effect.

(2), the use of the characteristics

The amount of light source is usually provided by the gas discharge lamp, the output of high light color TPS (5600 ~ 6300 k), while the common lamps and lanterns of output light is low color TPS (2900 ~ 3200 k). As a result, the amount of general is suitable for use as effect lights, through the television camera (2900 ~ 3200 k color temperature general adjustment) can produce strange beautiful lighting effects of television. In addition, due to the amount of cost is higher, it has created its liquidity using features. It can't be fixed at the studio of normal lamps and lanterns, but according to the requirement of the production, change at any time using the position and area. Process flow to transport installation, extremely easy to cause the damage of lamps and lanterns.

(3), the structural characteristics

Popular now amount to the form of the structure to roughly two kinds, one is the lens scanning amount, the other is a shook his head type amount. Lens scanning amount, is to rely on the lamp on the lamp holder of a whole department mirrors swing to projecting beam. Lens two motor driven by pitch and azimuth, completing the motion of the vertical and horizontal. Its biggest advantage is: the lens is very light, control rise very convenient and quick, can produce very fast beam movement. Its defect is: affected by the mirror axis, beam movement range is smaller. As a result, more suitable for hanging.

Shake head type amount, is originally envisioned when the amount of origin form, its advantage is that the lamp body rotation driven beam movement, rotation range is big, can be 360 ° rotation. This movement effect can produce lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood feeling on the stage. The disadvantage is that the motor power of the driver shook his head is bigger, the lamp body heavier. But with the progress of science and technology, this kind of defect has overcome step by step, makes the lamps and lanterns is obtained the development by leaps and bounds in recent years, has become the mainstream of today's television stage amount. The volume has been able to do it is very small, can do it very light in weight, has very convenient to use. The function is more and more of the amount of all, from the initial restricted by technology can only do a simple color change effect, has grown to like lens scanning amount, can produce a very rich amount of artistic effect.

(4), the amount of control characteristics

Amount is made up of executive components and control components, the change of the amount of each kind of output light, namely, the movement of the light beam, light color, project design, the brightness of the light intensity, etc., are carried out by the motor control special optical device. Amount control is performed by a computer, each amount is equipped with one or several cpus, through the CPU processing, given the amount of the console of lighting art instruction sent to every movement of motor. These groups of digital signal from the control instruction is by computer, every movement of the motor change corresponds to a digital coding, every change of output beam corresponds to a set of Numbers. Now generally USES the control signal is the DMX512 signal.

Second, the amount of attention should be paid to several problems in use process

(1), the amount of signal lines

Amount is digital equipment, they are through the signal line stringing together, to execute commands from the amount of the console provides, to complete various actions (the light of the change of movement, color, pattern transformation, etc.). Therefore, the importance of the signal lines all too clear, if a pair of signal lines exist hidden danger, will cause the control of the whole system is disorder, unable to function properly. In addition, the notice also signal control the length of the problem, usually, signal control is best not to over 150 m in length, otherwise, the control signal attenuation is serious, not a good amount of control. If the line is too long, be about to consider increasing the signal amplifier. In retrospect, we have many trouble, in actual work are caused by the signal lines. Therefore, before the connection signal lines for each signal a serious measure, and appropriately increase signal amplifier in the control loop, the author concluded long work experience, often can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

(2), the amount of programming and artistic creation

Using the amount of final purpose, is to better foil and rendering stage show art effect. Each amount of user operation, must be on the premise of fully understand the function of the amount, according to the content of the stage show, the amount of control program, to appropriately express lighting effects, must not be presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, the program becomes a light show.

(3), the amount of address code set problem

Amount of using digital signal control, using a more general international DMX512 control protocol. Each lamp will only have one's own code, the console issued instructions through the code to identify each lamp. Amount of encoder is generally installed in the tail end of the lamp (lens scanning amount) or the base of the lamp (head amount). Now commonly used encoder has digital and switch type two kinds.

Set up digital encoder is relatively simple, usually by the encoder menu, set by flip turn to address, and then using the "+" on the encoder (up/Sunday afternoon) "-" (the down / ∨) symbol key to change the size number, is determined, by pressing the "ENTER" to confirm. For example, with the amount of 20 channels. The first light starting address code is 1, is set to "001"; The second lamp starting address code is only 21, is set to "021"; Class in turn push extraction, 21 only lamp starting address code is 401, is set to "401". Now we often use "COMAR amount" and "STUDIOCOLOR", "STUDIOSPOT" amount, is to use the above code.

In addition, there are a lot of amount of switch type encoder is used, it is composed of two of nine small switch (are exceptions), when the switch is placed in the "on" position, show that the switch on behalf of the numerical code will work. 1 to 9 switch corresponding address code &#118alues shown in table 1. For example, to set the initial amount of address code is 1, it will switch to "1" in the "on"; To set the starting address code is the amount of 41, will switch to "1", "4" and "6" in the "on"; So on, can set all of the amount of address code.

(4), the amount of ferry transportation problem

Amount as mobile lighting equipment, its liquidity is very strong, is often a few days will turn to a field. Therefore, it is necessary for transportation packing amount of producing. Some manufacturers when the amount of equipped with the special packing, should pay attention to when buying. Or, will the other please specialized factory air packing factory design and production.

When carrying amount generally heavier, pay special attention to, in addition to pay attention to personal safety, caused personal injury, do not know more about the architecture of the amount, usually have carrying handle on the lamp body, never can tamper with disorderly move at will, otherwise, it is possible to damage the shaft of lamps and lanterns and optical parts.

(5), and the amount of matching problem of the console

At present, there are innumerable brand manufacturers in the production of different types of amount of console. All of these various amount of console has a common characteristic, is fully considered the humanized design concept, its control powerful, simple operation, easy to use. However, each brand has its own characteristics, the control signal output is endless also and same, some still cannot output DMX512 control signals. Therefore, for their own amount of choosing the console, we must consider good matching problem, can have a look at the selected console output current worldwide more general DMX512 control signals.

Also want to have a look at the console has several control, usually a DMX512 control mouth there is a limit to the amount of the amount of control, control the mouth, the more the more you will control the number of amount. A mouth DMX512 control can control the amount of number (N), can be calculated by type: N = 512 present Nc (which type of NCS is a amount of channel number)

6, the stage of installation problem

Amount when use, mostly hung over the stage, so the safety and reliability of the suspension to cause enough attention, it not only involves the staffs of the safety problems, also want to consider to the expensive equipment costs, once broken is very difficult to fix up.

All landowners, power supply problems

Power supply unit is generally provide dedicated power supply transformer for power supply and lighting system output power of three-phase electricity, phase voltage is 380 v, and the amount of feed into the power source is 220 v, 50 hz. To be especially careful when amount of power supply, not to access phase voltage of 380 v, otherwise, will be destroyed within the amount of circuit boards, may even make the whole table lamps and lanterns scrap. Each also should pay attention to the amount of electricity power problem, due to the amount of a lot of electric equipment inside, have all kinds of motor, circuit boards, bulb boot device, etc. If a sticker as amount of 1200 w, its power consumption is usually around 2000 w. In addition, also note that the power of the zero line and ground, if the amount of feed in power protection ground connection is not good, it is possible to cause the damage of lamps and lanterns.

Comprehensive the above amount as the embodiment of modern lamps and lanterns, each of us a specific operator, only fully understand the technical features of amount, the amount of set accurate address code, choose good matching of the console, connection signal correctly, to connect feed-in power, good grasp of the correct installation method can better provide perfect technology service for film and television programme production.

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