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2014 China (guangzhou) international exhibition of professional lighting
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2014 show the audience an endless stream, the growth rate reached 24%

Grow the exhibition, exhibitors audience high praise

Concurrent activities

The China (guangzhou) international exhibition of professional lighting and sound on February 24 to 27, 2014, in the China import and export fair pavilion area A successful hosting, exhibitors and visitors has achieved double-digit growth. Repeated success, the exhibition has become the country's largest professional lighting audio industry event.

A four-day exhibition in 1138 exhibitors and 60068 spectators, the exhibition last year growth of 23.4% and 23.4% respectively.

Frankfurt exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD., deputy general manager Ms. Zhou Shao column for the fair result is very satisfied with, and said: "encouraging the growth of the exhibition. The majority of exhibitors and the audience also noted that in the exhibition organization, the type of product quality, brand, internationalization degree and commercial atmosphere has obvious progress, indicates that the exhibition is moving in the right direction." Guangdong branch exhibition chairman Mr Danny ng added: "in the future, we hope to China (guangzhou) international exhibition of professional lighting and sound to continue for the Chinese professional lighting and sound market provide first-class trading platform, booster industry development."

Guangzhou optimal knight lighting equipment co., LTD is involved in this exhibition and signed a one million South American customers during the show big orders!

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