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MA2 Motorized console,RGB backlight
1.Motorized faders 
2.with RGB LED backlight
3.command wing +fader wing
4.touch folding screen  
5.compact design ,save shipping cost 
6.portable,only 19.5kgs
7. software can be updated always 
DMX Channel
MA2 lighting console with motorized faders and RGB backlight 

Win 10 64 -bit customized version operating system, 
the latest version operation software
i7 CPU, 8G memory, 128G solid state drive
2 15.6 -inch folding capacitor touch screen
6 DMX output ports, 1 composite input port (which can be set as output)
15 RGB backlight touch sensing electric push rod
2 RGB backlight A/B electric push rod
1 general control push rod, 1 light wheel
5 wear -resistant encoders (with Push function)
1 Gigabit network port, supports MA Net, Art-NET
4 USB interfaces, 2 worklight interfaces
MIDI input output port, LTC/SMPTE timed code, audio trigger
Width voltage, 100V-240V, built-in uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
Support RDM
Net weight 19.5kgs

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