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K15 19X40W LED bee eye moving head
1.1:1 DMX channels 
2.osram LED 
DMX Channel
1:1 K15 19X40W LED bee eye moving head light 

Rated voltage: AC110-240V, 50/60Hz
Power: 900W
Light source: LED 19*40W RGBW Four -in -One
Light Source: 50,000 hours
Color temperature: Special color temperature channel, 2500-8000K color temperature adjustment
Benexes angle: 4 ° -60 °
3 effect mode: digital laundering wall, beam, FX (kaleidoscope effect)
Lighting: 0-100% linear lighting
Frequency flash: up to 25 times/s
X / Y axis: 540 degrees / 270 degrees automatic and precise position
Show: Color 2.8 -inch touch display, Chinese and English can be switched at will
Electric: 3 linear focus motors, 2 3 -phase motors
Structure: Flame retardant plastic+pressure -resistant alloy material
Control mode: DMX512, voice control, self -run mode
Control channel: 21/35/78/92/97 channel
Protection level: IP20
Net weight: 18kg
 size: 42*32*55cm

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