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Ma2 command wing touch screen
1.touch screen
2.command wing
3.Physical output
DMX Channel
Integral alloy aluminum CNC carving process + high-precision laser sheet metal cutting technology
Anodizing Exquisite Surface Treatment + Wire Drawing Process
German imports of professional mechanical buttons

Customized button caps, multi-layer composite fuel injection technology, super anti-wear, leak-proof
U.S. import optical encoder, smooth feel, high precision positioning
CNC high-precision CNC machining, anodizing technology, alloy aluminum encoder cap
Custom damper, screen angle adjustment support structure
Lightweight, small size design, easy to carry
Core components PCB full board gold sinking process
Industrial grade accessories, strict material selection, maximum stability guarantee
Fine assembly process, 24 hour continuous aging test
Simulated vibration test, 24-hour non-stop multi-frequency vibration inspection

Electrical parameters:
Intel Indie Board, i3, i5, i7CPU
120GB Kingston hack solid state drive, Kingston 4GB RAM
HDMI high-definition display protocol 17.3-inch high-resolution LCD screen
Taiwan touch screen and touchpad

Control settings:
4 attributes encoder wheel (integrated key function), 1 master push rod (60mm manual)
2 AB push rods (100mm manual), 6 program playback faders (60mm manual)
12 program memory function keys, 6 execution keys, 6 page keys
Full-size command keypad

4 USB ports (Type A)
One spare USB input interface (type B)
One MIC audio input interface, one stereo output interface
One LTC input interface
2 DMX-512 output interfaces, 1 DMX-512 input interface (composite output function)
1 Gigabit network interface, 1 MIDI input interface, 1 MIDI output interface

product size:458*328*70mm 
Net weight:6.6kg

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