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Quartz lighting console
1.instock always 
DMX Channel
➤: Use Quartz 11.3,11.1/11.0/10.1/10.0, /9.1 no time limit
➤: The console comes with one-click restore software
➤: Built-in 8 languages, support Chinese menu display
➤: Open mold custom ergonomic handrail, beautiful appearance, simple atmosphere
➤: Built-in a 14.1 tilt widescreen touch display, high resolution and high brightness
➤: With powerful Intel i5 CPU, 4G DDR3 memory, 120G SSD
➤: 10 program page flips, 20 megafunction buttons
➤: 3 high-precision imported encoders
➤: Built-in Visualiser 3D visualization software
➤: More than 1000 virtual replays
➤: Powerful CMY palette function, support for graffiti handwriting naming
➤: Support window size adjustment
➤: Built-in over 1000 light libraries, built-in light library editing software
➤: The main components are all imported, which better guarantees the stability of the console.
➤: Power supply adopts Taiwan Mingwei switching power supply, 100-120V, 200-240V 50/60Hz
➤: Built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply, 0 delay automatic switching
➤: support connecting computers for offline programming, etc.
➤: The console comes with 4 physical DMX outputs, 2048 channels
➤: 1 MIDI interface, support MIDI time code
➤: 1 work light interface
➤: 1 VGA external screen interface, can be connected to an external touch display
➤: 3 USB ports

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