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Tiger Touch Plus console
1.11.3 Titan Softeare 
2.two high quality touch screen stock always
DMX Channel
Powerful 11.3/11.1/11.0/10.1/10.0/9.1 TITAN SYSTEM
Core i5CPU, Kingston 120GB high-speed solid state hard drive, Kingston 4GB memory;
The console itself configuration 12 optically isolated signal output port (6144 channel)
Built-in two 15.6-inch high-resolution touch screen (industrial screen), the screen can be used in 
the console with the key combination of electric adjustable angle of 0 to 125 degrees. The other with a trackball mouse, easy to choose menu operation.
Built-in 220V external power supply can be started UPS support networked to the computer equipment control a variety of lighting 3D visualization software;
10 megafunction button, allows you to operate the console faster;
20 playback faders, support for more than 1000 program playback; Support CIPT protocol, you can directly see the media server media clips image thumbnails on the console;
Support for Wi-Fi access, wireless control lights, mobile devices (iPhone, iPad Touch) remote control lighting; support for

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