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DMX Splitter 8/4 outputs
1.8/4 DMX outputs 
2.can with RMD or not without RDM
3.1 input 8 outputs can switch to 2 input 4 output
4 optical isolation
DMX Channel
Lighting DMX splitter 4/8 outputs 

Standard 1U design, a variety of installation methods are convenient for different scenarios
※ Support RDM function or not with RDM function 
Two modes: 1 in and 8 out, switchable to 2 in and 4 out
Standard DMX512 digital signal
DMX signal shaping and amplification, optimizing DMX signal, extending DMX signal transmission distance
DMX signal distribution function, multi-line DMX interfaces share a control system
Adopt high-voltage photoelectric isolation technology, the isolation voltage between each input and output port>1000V
Wide voltage design 100V~240V 50/60Hz, power lines between amplifiers can be connected in series

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