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Sapphire Touch Light Plus
1 Software can be updated always
2 30 motorized faders 
3 another version can with 40 motorized faders
DMX Channel
Sapphire Touch Plus light console

11.5/11.3/11.1/11.0/10.1/10.0/9.1 software versions
Built-in 8 languages, support Chinese menu display
Three 15.6-inch capacitive touch screens, electric lift to adjust the viewing angle
30 motorized playback faders in two page-turnable groups
45 page-turnable program storage buttons are divided into three groups
16 photoelectric isolation output ports 8192 channel parameters
Support Titan network expansion, can be expanded to 32768 channel parameters
i5CPU, 4G memory, 128G SSDs
Unique backlit high-precision encoder wheel
20 custom programmable macro function execution keys
1 Ethernet port, 4 USB ports
1 trackball can quickly control the XY axis of the fixture
Supports SMPTE/LTC and MIDI timecode
Console built-in 3D visualization software
11.1 software version, compatible with Titan
One-click restore
Built-in UPS backup battery, 0 delay automatic switching

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