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Grandma2 MA lighting console
Linux system
motorized faders
silent faders
silent fans
software can be updated always
DMX Channel
Professional Linux operating system
Built-in 2 electric lift 15.4-inch industrial full-view touch screen, 1 9-inch industrial full-view touch screen
ASUS motherboard, powerful i5CPU, 8G memory, built-in solid state drive, Geforce graphics 2
6 DMX output ports, 1 composite DMX input port (can be set as output), and can connect up to 65536 channels with NPU
15 electric replay faders with sensor function (60mm), 50 executive buttons
An external Fader wing can be connected to expand 4 DMX outputs, 15 faders and 30 executive buttons.
1 total control putter
2 A/B field manual putters (100mm)
6 imported industrial grade wear-resistant encoders (with Push function)
1 dimming wheel
1 controllable XY axis high precision imported trackball
2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, supporting MA NET, ARTNET, ETC NET2, PATHPORT, SCAN, SHOWNET, KINET1 signals
5 USB ports, 1 backup USB port
2 work light interfaces
2 DVI interfaces, expandable two displays
MIDI input and output interface, LTC/SMPTE time code, audio input and output, microphone input interface
Built-in push-pull professional yellow backlight mechanical keyboard (backlight brightness adjustable)
Built-in 1 drawer
yellow backlight mechanical button (backlight brightness adjustable)
Wide-voltage industrial power 
ma lighting grandma 2
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